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Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules:


- Do not advertise other servers.
  - This also includes Steam groups, and such.

- Do not bully anyone.

- Do not post any NSFW content.
  - (pornography, graphic content, etc.)

- Do not cause drama. If I do notice that you are, you will be warned/banned and your posts will be removed.

- Do not spam.

- Do not link to malicious websites.

- Do not post offensive content.

- Do not farm posts.

- Use common sense.

- Do not use an alt account after being banned.

- The use of swear words is fine, as long as it does not break rules stated above.


- Do not comment on irrelevant threads.
  - This is considered farming posts.

- You may only comment on reports if you are the one that is being reported, the one reporting, or if you have evidence to show. [ REMOVED ] 
   - Same for appeals. [ REMOVED ] 

- Simply commenting on a staff application saying 'Me likey' or anything similar is against the Forum Rules. 
  - Please include your rep reasons.
  - Rep for rep is not allowed!

- Posts that make no sense may be removed by a higher up. 
  - This mainly includes threads made to farm posts.

- Do not ask for a promotion.

- Do not post hateful threads. Giving your critism is fine, but do not spread hate.

- You may not - rep for text colour.
 - If you can't read it press Ctrl + A!
 - Any sort of necroposting (posting on threads older than a month if you aren't the creator) is not allowed.


- Post your request to Retract a Resignation here.
- If you are taking a break, or going on vacation post it here.
- Post resignation threads here.

How to Rep


- Active
- Nice
- Has helped me a lot
- I remember him being banned on Pixyte


- Nice app
- Not nice ingame

The thing that is wrong with this is that they have not given an overall +REP/-REP

I can see if someone has no warns. But it is much harder for me to know everyone's personalities, so I would much rather have you REP about someone's personality. Also, do not + and - REP. Just put 1, so + or - REP.

{NEW} Please do not comment on applications from people who do not meet the following requirements:
- The user does not have 30h playtime
- The user is not level 4 in Discord
- The user does not have 20 forum posts

{NEW} Forum warnings
This is only for higher ups, but it's nice for you guys to see this too. 
Generally breaking one of the forum rules gets you 20% to 50% warning level, these warnings last for 30 days. But there are some exceptions:
- Posting NSFW content = 50%
- Advertising other servers = 70%
- Alt accounts are instantly banned
- Other instances are decided by the higher up. 
- A 100% warning level will get you banned. Forum bans usually last about 3 to 14 days. (Community banned = Perma)

{NEW} "Shitposting"
You may shitpost in the following forum sections:
- General Discussion
- Off Topic
- Introductions and Departures
- DarkRP Discussion
- Gangs / Organisations
- Suggestions
- Bugs and Issues
(- Staff Discussion)

You may not shitpost in the following forum sections:
- Staff Applications, please stick to reps
- Report a Player
- Ban Appeal
- Custom Jobs
(- Handbooks)
(- Staff Breaks)
(- Promotion Requests)







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