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Lemonite's last words


Hey i just got demoted and i don't really care too much cos i was never on anyway, that's the reason i got demoted. I had already talked to many people and told them i was going to resign but i couldn't care enough so i just waited until i was demoted, Darkrp is generally boring and i now hate it, a lot of the staff team i used to call friends have just become power hungry and horrible people, player base became just sad and miserable to me as everyone seams to be a 4chan lurker. I hated a lot of you and i know many of you hate Darkrp too but i won't say names, i will only be slightly active on discord. Don't miss me, i already know you won't, have fun and good luck.
When life gives you lemons
squeeze them back into life's eyes!

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awww bye dood GL were ever you go or do

P.S I will not abuse
 Staff on Hawk servers
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Good luck to where life takes you and try hard at it, the world is a harsh place
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Get to the DeLorean


Well then.... bye?
Senór Admino?



Goodbye lemon


DaB oN tHe HaTeRs
[Image: SO9ALCl.jpg]


Bye, good luck with whatever you do in life.
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(03-11-2018, 03:52 PM)Neldonax Wrote: DaB oN tHe HaTeRs

Plz die
When life gives you lemons
squeeze them back into life's eyes!


Bye I guess Sad


Cya dude

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