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Sorry this is a warn appeal not ban


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First of all this is a warm appeal not a ban appeal I’m sorry for posting in the wrong place but couldn’t find the warm appeal place (if there is one)

Your RP Name
>> BlackNinja

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:81873713

I got 2 warns a while back which I’ve only noticed now one of the warns, I was warned twice for leaving during a raid and I got warned 2 times within a space of 2 minutes and for that perticular warn I couldn’t of done it twice in 2 minutes. The next warn not even I could tell you what that was  about it just says ‘ninja’.

I hope you could please that those warns away.

Thanks you BlackNinja 

(Proof in attachment)


I'll get someone to reply to this appeal,
rude but nice.


Would you please tell us who issued these warns
[Image: lapudoa8763.gif]


Both "Leaving during a raid" were by Blast. I suggest you take it up with him.

The "ninja" one is by Drummer.


Hey, sorry about that! I can remember this quite clearly. I tried to warn you the first time and nothing came up so I did it again. Turns out there was just some lag so it did 2. No one ever listened when i tried to get it removed and i slightly forgot. I understand your concern and i'll 100% get rid of one of them. Drummer on the other hand, i'm really unsure what his warn is about so before i close this ill asked him. Thanks you for bringing this up and voicing the issue!
Senór Admino?


Gonna close this. Due to what drummers warn states I will remove it. Thank you for informing us!
Senór Admino?

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