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I love hawkservers  they are only the servers I actually enjoy playing dark rp on and so its kinda annoying getting band. It was my fault I was band due to fail rp and I didn't really mean it but I admit it was my fault I just kinda forgot about the whole rp thing and was messing around. I would appreciate it if I could be unbanned as im kinda bored now playing on bad servers so it would mean a lot. Ive gone back over the rules of this server and I will make sure this wont happen again. 

Thanks -Niles Sheldon


If you want to have a chance to be unbanned from Hawkservers,
Please make a ban appeal on the ban appeal section on this forums Smile
Goodluck buddy.
Thank you everyone.. May 2018 - June 2018


Denied. You admit to breaking the rules and you haven't used the ban template. Just wait the ban out and think of your actions.
Senór Admino?

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